Supplementing Hooping with Yoga

I want to be more flexible for hooping, and yoga seems like a good way to do this.  I was contemplating this for a few days last week.  I turned to the Internet, namely YouTube.  I did a search for “beginner yoga,” and this was the first video to turn up in my search results.

I started to play it, and follow along.  I will admit the music and the whole vibe of the video did make me giggle for a minute, but once I got going, the giggles left and I started to take it seriously.  The simple stretches in this video felt good.

In fact, they reminded me a lot of physical therapy stretching I have done in the past for back pain.  If yoga can help with that, I’m all for it.  My back did feel good after doing this routine.

I was pleasantly surprise to find a wealth of information from Yoga Vidya, the German yoga studio that produced this video, on their website.  They have a whole set of pages in English.  The video is in English, too.

Since I can’t hoop every day, sadly, I will supplement it with yoga.  The weather has been absolutely dreadful here on the East Coast, and it doesn’t appear to be getting better.  I will hoop when I can, such as with the class I am starting this Thursday. 

As I was going through this routine, too, my husband became interested and did the stretching along with the video, too.  Perhaps this is something we can do together.

I’m looking forward to strengthening with yoga and seeing how it helps with hooping.  The two just seem like a good fit.

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