A Little Outside Hooping

Yesterday was chillier than I was expecting, but I did get outside for some badly needed hoop time.  Deb came over, and we hooped while her son ran around the park by my house.  He even tried hooping and did a pretty good job!

I bundled up, and got to try out these legwarmers I just finished knitting.  Cool, huh?  I got the camo yarn for Christmas. 

Still, despite the overcast sky, wind, and the migraine I was fighting, I hooped.  Exercise helped my headache temporarily and it felt good to move. 

After a bit, Deb and I decided it was too cold outside, so we went back to my house to warm up and chat.

The weather is supposed to be nice this evening, so maybe a little flight time in the backyard will be in order.

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