Three Fashion Lessons Learned From Hooping

Hooping has taught me a few life fashion lessons.  Here are three that I picked up thus far.

1.  Fake fingernails and hooping do not go together.  I can never seem to grow my fingernails, and generally like to keep them short.  I recently put on a set of fake red claws last week and tried to do off body hand tricks, such as lasso.  Nuh-uh.  Not happening.  My nails kept catching on my hoop and bending.  It was either not work on the trick or 86 the nails.  The acetone came out and off came the nails.  Much better.

2.  I need to be mindful of my clothing.  There’s nothing like wearing a tank top to a class with mirrored walls.  There’s nothing like being a well-endowed woman in a tank top in front of a mirrored wall.  Everyone got a good view of my cleavage and I was pretty embarrassed and self-conscious for the rest of the class.  T-shirts for me from now on.  Also, a cotton leotard underneath my shirts and legging keeps my shirt from riding up past my midsection.

3.  Barefoot hooping is good hooping.  I would sometimes hoop in my Vibram shoes at class, but have discovered that going barefoot is better.  I’m not sure why, but i move better with bare feet and I don’t look at silly with those five-fingered shoes, as comfy as they are.  I will still wear them or sneakers when I hoop outside, though.  I do prefer my feet to be projected.

I’m going to have to be mindful of both my attire and cosmetic adjustments as I’m learning to hoop.  As I get better, perhaps I can go toward different things, but for now, it’s a pair of cotton leggings and a cotton t-shirt for me.

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