Over a Barrel

Memo to the Barrel Roll Trick:  You will be mastered.

At class last night I met The Barrel Roll Trick, and once again, my brain couldn’t process it correctly.  The stupid thing is, though, I’ll probably go outside tomorrow and be able to do it just fine.  I guess my noggin needs some time to process certain tricks.  The Weave was like for me, too, and I can do that pretty well now.

Last night we circled up and shared how we got into hooping.  One woman was there because she could never do it as a child and wanted to prove to others and herself that she could.  Well, all I can say was that she hooping pretty well last night with her shiny new hoop she purchased from our teacher, Jenny.

I’ve got a long weekend coming up.  Yay!  I’m going to attempt to make some hoops.  I have instructions and advice, courtesy of Jenny, and the supplies waiting to be picked up at a local hardware store.  Let the DIY fun begin.

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