Makin’ Hoops

I’m the type of person if there is a way to DIY something, I will give it a try, at least once.  I’ve made my own knitting equipment, for example, rather than purchase the tool for twice as much as the parts cost to make it.  Or, I see a craft project and I HAVE to do it, just to see if I CAN do it.

It was only a matter of time before I started to make hoops.

With some advice from Jenny (no duct tape!), and her excellent instructions, I got the tools and supplies I needed to make and tape hoops.  I now own my own pair of ratcheting PVC cutters. 

Saturday morning was like Christmas.  Rather than start Friday when I was tired, I decided to wait until the next morning to start, especially when working with a sharp tool.  I gathered my stuff and got to business. 

I made five hoops from the pipe coil I bought.  I only made five because that how many connectors I had purchased.  I still have some pipe left over, so another trip to the hardware store is in order.

I used electrical tape to tape my hoops.  I also found “laser tape” at the dollar store to make stripes.  It worked decently, surprisingly.  I’m also going to give Washi tape a shot, too. 

Above are two of the hoops I made.  The multi-colored one is for Deb, and the green “laser tape” one is for myself. There’s a third like the color blocked one, too.

It takes A LOT of electrical tape to tape a hoop.  I bought a lot of the black stuff  at the dollar store while the colored stuff is five rolls of different colors for about $10 a shot.

I am having so much fun with this.  It’s going to be fun to make my own custom hoops!

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