I’m Breaking a Sweat (I Said it’s Alright)

We were breaking a sweat, and it was alright last night, as we learned chest hooping, and that requires a bit of work.  It was more than alright:  it was excellent.

As for the bad Skrillex reference in the title, it was just funny that Jenny had that song playing in class as I was bopping in my car to “Bangarang” on the way there.

In class we are starting to explore more range of motion moves and off body moves.  I think I managed to go from lasso to moving the hoop down to my waist once or twice.  It felt like amazing those two times where I didn’t whap myself in the face and managed to get that hoop moving.

Also, there is nothing cooler than a bunch of hoopers practicing throws.  Imagine a gym with a high ceiling with about 12 or so people throwing sparkly hoops in the air.  It was quite beautiful and everyone was having a fantastic time.

Speaking of sparkly hoops, I FINALLY got to try out one of the hoops I made last week.  I brought the red/silver one along to class along with my regular black and orange one.  The 160 psi tubing is heavier than I thought, so I will get 100 next time.  No biggie.

Next Thursday is the last class for January (boo!), but I signed up the series again in February (yay!).  I’m hoping that my mom takes the class with me in February, but more on that later.

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