Playing Catch Up

Ok, now that I’m on my feet, I can give you guys a nice, solid blog post like you deserve.  A mild flu (I got the flu shot, I swear!) had me a bit run down, as illustrated by my green monster here, but I’m feeling better and am ready to back in the hoop.

Friday night Deb came over for the hoop I had made her.  She left with three.  I gave them to her.  It made her night, I think.  She’s been doing such a great job learning on her own, plus her kids and some people at her church are getting into hooping a little bit, too.  I’ll tell you, hooping is contagious, people!  Like the flu, only healthier and less phlegm-y. 

Secondly, I am trying to scope out a practice space in my teeny little townhouse.  I tried hooping upstairs in the bedroom, but I’m still pretty cramped in there.  I have a feeling I’m either going to have to go on a major cleaning and rearranging spree to get that space that I want.

That’s basically the hoopy news that I finally am able to share right now.  The last class of the series with Jenny is over tomorrow, BUT she is running the same class again next month, and I’m signed up for that.

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