Shiny Hoops and Class Reboot

There were A LOT of people at the start of Jenny’s new session of the core class.  Some were there for the first time, and others, like me, were there for the second time around.  Or third, even!  She kept all levels of hoopers there occupied by either trying new things as a group, or sectioning the two levels of experience off there, showing one group one, and the other a more advanced move.  It was so much fun, as usual!

To the right is a heavily edited picture of one of the hoops I made.  I used purple electrical tape as the base, and got some indigo sun tape and white gaffer tape from Hoopologie.  Gaffer tape causes me stress if I use it as a base.  It does not cooperate.  When I use it on top of the electrical tape, though, things go much better.  The indigo sun tape was paper backed, so I cut into strips as I applied it somewhat haphazardly.  Still, the effect is cool.  I was surprised that the indigo tape wasn’t solid, but rather translucent.  It’s pretty neat, otherwise.

Another girl in class, Tara, made some hoops, too, using a lighter type of piping, namely 100 psi tubing.  I’ve been using 160 psi.  After discovering this, we’re both going to cut piping in the size of the hoops the other wants, and trade what we have.  I want lighter hoops, and she wants heavier.  It all works out!

So, that’s the hooping scoop for this week.

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