Purchasing a LED Hoop

Thanks to a certain large football sporting event at the beginning of the month and to the fact that I picked a random square on a grid for $5.00, I won $200 on my office’s Super Bowl Square game.  One thing ran through my mind when I found out I won the big prize:  LED Hoop.

My husband (It’s his birthday today, by the way.  Happy Birthday, honey!), told me I had won as I had gone to bed.  He had all these ideas we could do with the money, and I mumbled the words, “LED hoop,” and rolled back over to sleep.

Granted, not all of the money went to into that hoop, though I could’ve done that.  Part of it went into a savings account for a house. 

I did a lot of research on LED hoops.  I finally decided on ElectricLifeStylz SuperNova hoop.  I went with this one because it looked like ElectricLifeStylz could do more for less money than MoodHoops.  Plus, I liked the fact that a charger and battery came with the hoop, along with the ability to use two AA batteries in the hoop. 

I haven’t tried it out yet.  I’m still digesting the manual.  I didn’t think hoops could come with such detailed manuals, but they do.  Once I get it fired up and the weather cooperates, I’ll get outside and give it spin. 

What are your experiences with LED hoops?

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