Trying Out My LED Hoop

I finally busted out my LED hoop and gave it a spin, so to speak, last night.  It’s a little lighter than what I’m used to, but I’ll get it.

It’s sort of mesmerizing to watch an LED hoop, even from the hooper’s perspective.  I find myself looking down as I spin it and thinking….”Oooooh, shiny!”  It neat to watch the colors change and strobe.

I actually had the perfect excuse to try out my hoop, I got a hit back in, you guessed it, The Hooping Game.  The song is Strobe Light by the B-52’s.  My concept was to have a video imitating a strobe light flash as I hooped to the song, in the dark with my LED hoop.  I also dressed in all black as to add to the effect.  Oh, I even busted out my DSLR which takes HD video.

It turned out ok.  I may have to tweak the concept more once I get better and have more space to do this.

Though it is not my best effort,  but here’s me taking my LED hoop for a spin.

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