Tatter Skirt DIY

I’ve been seeing these fairy/tatter skirts pop up all over the place when searching for clothing for hooping.  After studying a few different styles, and tried to see if I could replicate what I’ve seen.  I schlepped my sewing machine downstairs to the kitchen table and got to work.

I bought some remnant fabric, cotton butterflies and red polyester, and cut a big strip for the waist, and two shorter strips for ties.  With the left overs I cut random sizes and shapes that mostly end in points.  I layered them on long strip, and machine sewed the pieces on to it.   I think it turned out ok for a first attempt.

I do have some adjustments to do for the next one I make, such as making the top band skinnier.  I had Sam take these photos, mostly so I could twirl for you.

And THAT is the effect I’m going for.

This idea opens up a lot of upcycling possibilities.  I may have to do more experimenting since my sewing machine is still out where i can use it. 

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