The "Venn" of Jenn

In honor of Pi Day, I thought I’d celebrate by doing something circular and mathy, hence the Venn Diagram, which was also inspired by some of the double hooping moves we did in class last night.

The only thing that I currently don’t do right now, is martial arts, but I have done them.  I actually got up to my blue belt in aki-jujitsu. 

The double class last night kicked my butt.  I have a hard enough time at moments with one hoop, now adding a second on in the mix….whew!  I’ll need to get out and practice today while the weather is decent. 

On another note, I actually managed to lift the hoop off my wait into lasso last night!  Huzzah!  Now I’ve got to practice and make it stick. 

Want to make your own Venn diagram of yourself?  Here’s the base I made. Just right click and save it.  I’d also love to see your own diagram, so leave me a link in the comments where I can see it!  They can be funny or serious.

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