Gaffer Tape Awesomeness

I have a hoop that I affectionately called the “Mondrian” Hoop, because of the coloring and style.  I just used electrical tape on it, really.  It’s shown below, along with a green laser tape hoop that I gave to Deb.

I was using this particular hoop to practice the lift with at the doubles class, and Jenny noted that grip tape would help, and said she bring me some.  Cool beans!  Thank you, Jenny!

At hoop troupe practice on Saturday, gave me some lovely 1″ yellow gaffer tape and some skinny blue tape.  I hadn’t realized that grippy tape was gaffer tape, and actually had some white that I recalled I had.  Still, by combining the yellow, the white, and the skinny blue, I came up with this.

See what I did?  I used the white gaffer tape over the yellow electrical tape section, and used the yellow on the rest.  It’s a neat effect!  I just spiraled the skinny blue then around in the opposite direction.  Now to find time, and a nice day (it snowed a little here last night) to give this hoop some flight time.  Gaffer tape awesomeness!!

Ah, yes, hoop troupe practice.  We started learning our choreography Saturday.  There’s a lot of work that goes into a small section of music, so when you see dancers or anyone performing a routine, remember all the hard work and practice they’ve done to get to that point.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun.  The song Jenny chose is great, but I’m not going to reveal that, too, until closer to our performance.  I also really love the moves and tricks we are doing.  Great stuff!

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