The Value of Kiddie Hoops

I have found some value for kid hoops that you can buy cheap in most stores with a toy section.  Here’s my story.

I have a set of beautiful candy cane doubles that Jenny made me, but for some tricks, it’s easier for me to use hoops smaller in diameter.  She would often give me a smaller set to learn with in class.

At one of our troupe rehearsals I overheard Sunny talking about her small set of twin hoops that were children’s hoops.  Huh.  I’m glad that stuck in my mind.

On Sunday, I was in Big Lots while my husband and mother-in-law were in a different shop.  I passed the kiddie hoops, which came in two sizes, and saw the smaller ones, and thought, they would would be fun, but they are kiddie hoops, so I moved on.  Then I came back.  I bought two.

Sam and his mom found me in the store, and made my purchases.  Sam also wanted to go in the dollar store for something quick, so I waited outside with my mother-in-law.  I began to twirl my new hoops around my hands outside said dollar store.  People stared.  I smiled and I didn’t care.

We went to my in-laws where Sam was helping his parents with his mother’s purchase, so I decided to give my new twins some flight time.  They sure looked pretty in the sun.

The kiddie hoops weren’t that bad!  They were easier to control than my usual twins, and my arms got a good workout, too.  I won’t use them for waist hooping, but for learning over arm hooping, weaves, and corkscrews, they’ll to the trick.

So, at least in my humble opinion, kiddie hoops do have some value to adult hoopers, at least while they are learning, and when you are spinning about twenty of hoops at a time, like Jenny did on Saturday.

Just for fun, I grabbed my point-and-shoot camera out of my purse and decided to see if I could get some decent shots of me using these kiddie hoops using the camera’s timer.  Here I am!

So, kiddie hoops, though not ideal for adult waist hooping, hold some value for adults.  I don’t suggest getting the ones filled with water, as they are weird to spin, but they can be shiny and good for practice.  Plus, if you are ever in the park and a kid wants to try hooping, you’ve got something appropriate for them.  You may inspire a new hooper.

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