Ideas in Bloom

I didn’t get into Hooping Idol this year, but that’s ok.  I really didn’t think I would, but it was fun to try!  That mean I can improve and plan for next year, right?

What Hooping Idol did for me, though, was help solidify the fact that I do enjoy making videos, and I got some ideas in bloom in my head right now for my own videos.

Granted, I’m still learning, and always will be learning.  I also have some very creative ideas for my own videos in my head right now.

I even already have good gear for HD videos.  Since I’m a pretty serious photographer, I have a Canon 7D DSLR that takes FANTASTIC HD video.  That’s what I used for my audition video, and it turned out much better than my the video I did for the Hooping Game on my point-and-shoot.

I’ll share my one idea with you, but please don’t take it!  Here goes.  I want to hoop in the industrial junkyard where I live to the song “Girl Anachronism” by the Dresden Dolls.  I even have some pieces of clothing that resemble some of the stuff Amanda Palmer wears in the video for the said song, so I sort of want to do an homage to her, since she’s awesome and stuff.  I even have choreography ideas, too.

The creative juices are flowing.  The weather here is FINALLY improving, and I can get out more and practice, like I did last night, for instance.  It’s turning into a productive time.

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