Spinning Around

Today’s entry actually goes back to Thursday.  I was sitting at home in the evening after work and remembered there was something that I usually did on Thursday nights, and that was go to one of Jenny’s classes.  She is not having any more right now because it can be hard to schedule stuff when the weather gets warmer and people start to go on vacation.  That’s very understandable.

To keep myself motivated in another way, I decided to join up with Katie and her class at Studio Spin on Monday nights.  I went last night and worked hard.  Everyone in the class certainly did! 

We did a lot of practice with shimmying the hoop up to your shoulders while shrugging last night.  I can do it, but I’m not consistent.  I usually end up “penguining out,” if you know what mean.  Instead of shrugging, I throw my arms out and rock to the side.  We also did shoulder hooping, and doing the helicopter pass. 

My friend Amber has been taking this class with Katie and is doing very well.  Amber is training to do roller derby and has a blog following her progress.  Go and check it out on Amber’s Roller Derby Journey.

Oh, and the lesson from yesterday?  It’s one that Jenny and Katie have both pounded into my head:  when doing a new trick….KEEP TURNING.  I also need to slow down when I turn.  I want to do a new trick so badly I spin too fast.  I need slow down.   That’s what I’m going to be working on this week.

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