Throwback Thursday: My First Hoop

Let’s go back to the 1980’s.  I remember going through the toy section of a local store and seeing these brightly colored boxes that screamed, “Get in Shape, Girl!”  Remember those?  The brand is apparently making a comeback.  Anyway, after begging for one of these “exercise” kits, my parents finally relented and got me a set featuring two cheerleader pom poms, and a hula hoop.  Both were in the colors featured in the graphic. 

The hoop was in plastic sections and snapped together.  Poorly.  Whenever I would put it together and tried to hoop, it would fall apart.  I was crushed.

My dad, seeing my frustration, did something amazing.  He took that hoop and bolted the pieces together.  Dad was a pretty handy guy and saw a situation and fixed it.  Boom!  I now had an awesome hula hoop with a little extra weight that was awesome to spin with.

I used that hoop for years.  I’m wondering if it’s in Mom’s basement still.  I might go look for it. 

Little did I know that I would be hooping in my adult years, and the hours I spent with that old hoop on my waist would lay the foundation for my hooping now. 

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: My First Hoop

  1. I saw your tatter skirt and you mentioned Hooping and I did not know what that was… So I found my way here to your hooping blog. Wow! I was a hooper back in 1957 when I got my first hoop. They called them Hula Hoops back then, I am not sure what happened to my hoop. I have moved too many times. I saw that they made a good comeback in the 80's like you mentioned. This looks like a good exercise! I was pretty good at it back in the day. There is even a 8mm video of me in 1957. Love your tatter skirt, and the hoops!


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