Getting My Flow On

Yesterday’s class with Katie was a little different.  After a warm up and quick review of some moves, she had a little exercise for us.  To get us moving and to find our hooping flow, she put on a minute of ten VERY different songs to see what we could do with them.  I had fun doing this!  It’s neat to experiment with different music while getting your hooping flow going.  
My flow tends to be a little dance-y, and I really got into the different styles, even if they weren’t my thing.  Despite my left shoulder which I am still in therapy for, I got some fun moves in and kept arm and hand spins and such going on my right side.  
Speaking of my shoulder, it is getting better and my therapist says I’m getting a bit more range of motion that I didn’t have before.  Yay!  It still hurts, but is hurting less.  Yay!!  Still, I’m talking it easy on the lifts and such.
Back to hooping flow.  I had forgotten how much fun it is to get lost in a song while hooping.  Jenny had told me and the others this a while ago in her class, but I hadn’t really had a chance to do it in a while.  I’m slowly developing my style and flow.  And it feels good.

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