Good News!!

I’m due to be discharged from physical therapy for my left shoulder tomorrow.  YAY!!  That is good news.

There is nothing like getting a vote of confidence from the therapist you’ve worked with the most, too.  She gave me some challenges to do with my left arm, and was glad I could do them.  She wanted to see how I was for herself because another therapist will be the one to discharge me.

I’d say I’m 85 percent better.  I can at least get my arm high enough to do lasso on my left side now!

In order to “re-train” my arm and get it used to doing off-body hoop tricks again, I ordered a DIY HDPE hoop kit.  It’s lighter that the PE tubing hoops I usually use.  Plus, I need a new hoop to celebrate a successful time in physical therapy, right?

Oh, I never wrote about Monday’s class!  It was fun and we worked on lasso moves.  I only worked with my right hand, though.  Katie also showed us a little flow sequence that we can work into our own flow, and that was fun.  It was sort of like a mini-routine.

I happy to be doing better and being able to normally use my left arm, so it’s good news all around.

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