Coffee and a Show

On Saturday, Sam and I trekked to Annville, PA to my alma mater, Lebanon Valley College.  Well, to be specific, MJ’s Coffeehouse/Allen Theatre.  I used to work at MJ’s as a college senior.  It was an awesome job.  The coffeehouse and the theater are connected, so you can take your coffee into the theater with your when you go to your show or movie.  It’s a neat place.

Anyway, our reason for going out there was to see the One Night Only Comedy and Variety Show that was touring in Pennsylvania up until Saturday evening.  We caught the show at the Allen, which was family-friendly (at least this edition of the show was), and absolutely worth seeing.  Jenny was performing her “Superfreak” hooping routine there, and was fantastic.  She actually toured with the ONO, too.  All of the acts we saw that morning were great.

After lunch at MJ’s, Sam and I took a walk around LVC’s campus and took in the scenery at the Peace Garden.  The azaleas were in full bloom there and gorgeous.

Thank you to all the ONO performers!  You all did an awesome job and hope you do a tour again next year.  

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