Hooping Revelation

Something happened yesterday as I was getting into my car to go home after hooping class with Katie last night.  I had a revelation.  Here it is.

I am not a beginner hooper anymore.

When did this happen?  Here’s how I came to this conclusion.

First, I take the Beginner Hoop class at Studio Spin.  After class last night as I was saying good-bye to Katie, she jokingly asked if she taught me anything new that night.  Of course she did!  But, it got me thinking.

As I walked out and got in my car, I thought, perhaps I should step up to the Intermediate Hoop class.  It’s time to grow a little more and get out of my comfort zone.  I’m not a beginner anymore. 

I’m signed up for one more Beginner class this month.  I will register for the Intermediate one on Thursdays next. 

To be honest, I’m sort of freaked out, but I’m starting to expand and grow in my hooping journey.  Looking back on it thus far, I’ve done a lot!  Core classes, double hooping classes, the troupe, all of it!  I want to get better.  I need to push myself.

Here’s to taking the next step.

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