The Bee’s Knees

Sunday was Open Hoop night at Studio Spin, and I decided to go.  I had specific techniques I wanted to practice in front of mirrors. 

One of the skills I wanted to work on was knee hooping.  After a few tries, I was able to sustain the hoop at my knees for quite a while!  Yay!  I worked on both circus style knee hooping and regular knee hooping, and was successful at both.  Quite the bee’s knees!

I worked on isolations a few different ways, too.  They are getting MUCH better.  I also worked on a trick called “Around the Sun,” and it’s getting better.  I attempted to do the Mandala trick, but I need to work on that a lot.

Oh, and I worked on my old nemesis, the two beat chase weave.  I’ve been watching tutorials on it and it’s starting to look something like how it’s supposed to look.  I think I need to exaggerate my crossovers more and not scrunch up like something’s about to hit me in the face.  I tend to do that a lot.

I took a rest day yesterday.  After Saturday’s picnic and Sunday’s practice, I was tired.  Intermediate Hoop is tomorrow night, and I’m really looking forward to it!  I might get out and practice a little tonight if the weather stays dry.

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