Bad Practice

I had a practice session yesterday that I would consider to be bad.  If it’s practice, can it still be considered bad?

Why I’m calling it bad is that hoop did not do what I wanted it to do. (It’s more like I didn’t do what I wanted me to do.)  I drilled trying to shimmy the hoop up to my neck by shrugging my shoulders, but I couldn’t get things to work right.  Perhaps it’s a case of bad muscle memory, or things just haven’t clicked yet with the technique.  Either way, I’m frustrated. 

Other things that I tried to do yesterday didn’t go well, either.  I was able to do something that resembled a mandala last Wednesday in class, but yesterday…ppffft.  Nope.  I’m either forgetting something or not doing it right.

The same thing happened for things that I knew already.  I was all thumbs.  I had to stop.

A tad dejected, I went inside and tried to make sense of the train wreck of a practice I had.  I was sweating and hot.  Perhaps I was shy because some neighbors were out.  Or it was harder to practice on the slight incline that is my backyard.  Was the grass too long?  Was I in the right mindset?  Am I over thinking this?

If it’s not storming this evening, I may go out and try again with the shrug shimmy thing, or else I need to walk away from it for a while.  I’m not sure what I need.

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