Good Practice

Last evening I decided not to let the discouragement of Sunday’s practice get me down, so I grab my hoops and went out back.  The yard had been mowed!  That was one improvement from the day before.

I warmed up a little bit and started the should shimmy.  It’s getting better.  If I turn while attempting the shoulder shimmy, I can get that hoop up to my shoulders most of the time.  I guess it’s that old adage that I keep telling myself and have been taught…KEEP TURNING.

Oh, and the mandala.  That is much better, too.  I’m starting to connect the dots with at move and it’s starting to click.

One thing I did not do on Sunday that I should have done was play.  I actually played with the hoop yesterday for a few minutes.  I did stuff I knew and bopped around the yard for a bit. 

I want to thank everyone on Facebook for their encouragement and support.  I was having a “moment,” and feel sort of sheepish about my whining now, but, eh, it’s how I was feeling. 

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