Hooping and Monkeys

I wonder what a monkey would do if you gave one a hoop. 

Katie had a run in with a monkey while spending time out in a state park.  She met some guy who kept one as a pet.  And it bit people.  A lot.  Eeeee.

Ok, monkeys aside, class was great last night!  We did a pretty intense warm up and the strengthening exercises we did were pretty intense. 

Technique-wise, we worked on paddles and breaking.  This was completely new to me.  I would see other hoopers doing these moves, and thinking, that was a long way off for me.  By the end of the night, I was doing it!  Yay!  Katie says it will help with my shoulder hooping.  I wish it wasn’t raining outside right now so I could practice doing this tonight. 

We also worked on elbow hooping.  I had done elbow hooping in Jenny’s double hooping class, so I had the basic idea of what to do.  Katie showed us how to pass the hoop from elbow to elbow behind our backs, too.  I have the right idea, but it will come with practice.

Speaking Jenny…..she has a spiffy new website!  You need to take a look.

So, that’s my hooping fun from yesterday.  I’m thinking of making a short video of my progress thus far and posting it.  I have some old video game remix tunes that would be great for a soundtrack.  If the weather cooperates in the next few days, perhaps.

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