Lights and Mirrors

Last night was Open Hoop at Studio Spin.  Besides Katie, I had the place to myself.  It was fun to spread out a little and concentrate a little better on what I was doing.

The main reason I wanted to go last night was to check my double hoop chase weave progress, mainly to see how it looked from the side using the mirrors.  I grabbed my doubles and started up the chase weave with my left side toward the mirrors.  I looked over, and WHOA!  I was doing the chase weave!  And it looked pretty!

I guess I wasn’t sure I was doing it right because I couldn’t see the effect it’s supposed to do.  Actually seeing that it looked correct in the mirrors was awesome.

The second fun thing about last night was that something in my mind told me to take my LED hoop, so I did.  I played with it for about the last 15 minutes of the time there.  When Katie noticed what I was up to, she started to take a quick video of me.  She also turned the lights off in the studio, too.  That was really neat.  Oh, and I had her take this video of me, too.  I love the hoop’s reflection in the mirrors.

I loved how it turned out!  I know I do a lot of the same moves in the video, but I’m afraid of dropping the hoop.  LED hoops are delicate and if I haven’t mastered a move yet, I don’t want to take even more of risk when using it.

So, that’s my hooping fun for the weekend. 

Oh, Vimeo users can view the video here if they wish.

EDIT:  My original video got muted.  BOOO!  So, I reposted it with new music.  That’s what’s linked above.  The Vimeo video still has the original sound.

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