Spin Jam, Part 2

Ah!  You thought the story was over with my last post!  I was about to leave the hoop jam, and I just put my key in the ignition of the car and turned on the headlights.  Right in front of me passed a bunch of my photography friends, so I shut down the engine and lights, and went out and said hello.  They asked what I up to and told them about the hoop jam and such.  To make a long story short, they asked for a demo.  Granted, I had been hooping and whatnot for three hours before.  I tried to do something with my LED hoop, but I was pooped.  They understood.  One guy suggested a light painting session with me hooping with the LED hoop for the entire meetup group might be fun.  I agreed and put it forth to the meetup organizer.  I haven’t heard back from him yet, but I hope he thinks it’s a good idea!

I had also run into another meetup member at the hoop jam and he convinced me to get out to the meetup’s regular gathering happening tonight.  I signed up, since I was free.  I hadn’t been out to the regular meeting in a long time.  I need to get back.

The other people I ran into as well said I needed to show up at the meeting.  I am, I told them.  I was already signed up.

I might take the LED hoop along tonight if the people I ran into are interested in seeing a demo where I’m not exhausted.

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