Lazy Weekend

I had a very lazy weekend, and you know, it was nice.  I had Friday off because of Independence Day.  Having a fairly good dose of ADD, I was about to jump out of my skin by Sunday, meaning, I needed to get off my butt and DO something.

That something came in the form of a hoop I don’t use often that I took to my in-laws house to play with after our weekly breakfast there.  After a time of eating and conversation, we all sort of went about our own thing.  I grabbed my hoop and started to play.

This particular hoop is a heaver 160 PSI PE hoop.  I can do a few tricks with it, but I do prefer a lighter hoop now.  It was still fun to watch all the shiny odds and ends of tape I put on it gleam in the sun.  Quite pretty.

So, I did get some exercise this weekend.

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