Floor Workshop and July Spin Jam

Saturday was full of hooping for me.  First, I had that floor workshop with Glo, which was nothing like I expected it to be, and that’s a good thing!  She focused on how to move with the hoop on the floor, from laying down to sitting.  She showed us the proper “rainbow” movements to do with our feet and hands.  Take a look at some of Brecken Rivara’s work.  Glo taught us the foundation of what Brecken does.  It was a very cool workshop!

Right after that was the spin jam down in Musser Park.  Again, we had a good community turnout.  We had some teenagers show up with hoops, a young woman came with some poi, and the kids and parents that came to see what we were doing had a blast.  We had people just hang back and watch and enjoy the scene.  Some just danced.  Others were curious about the hoops.  It was a great time!

Ah, and there was LED hooping again, I brought my good camera.  Yay!  I got some neat shots of Amy hooping and Sterling swinging his LED poi.  Amy even kindly took some photos of me spinning my LED hoop. 

Enjoy the pictures!!

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