Deanne Love and Finding Your Flow

THANK YOU, Deanne Love!

In her recent blog post, Creating Hoop Dance Flow, Deanne addresses a very important issue:  how do you find your flow?

This has been something I’ve been thinking about during the past few days.  I watch videos of other hoopers out there and notice that a lot of people are trick-oriented, and that’s ok!  Don’t get me wrong!  For myself, I adore the dance element of hooping, and I think as hoopers we need to start exploring our own styles and flow.  Deanne really puts it well in her blog post.  Go read it

I’ve even had this same conversation with other hoopers.  How do we think beyond tricks?  How do we connect what we know with dance?  How do we find our own style?  These are all questions I’ve been mulling about in my head.

For me, I think I’m at a crossroads with finding my own style.  I’m slowly starting to stop comparing myself to other hoopers and concentrating on what I know and what I want to do.

I’d love to your thoughts on this.

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