This is how I roll.

Katie introduced us to the world of body rolls in hooping during Wednesday’s class.  We had already learned the feather roll on the back of our shoulders, but chest rolls in the front are a different story.

Being a hooper that wears glasses, I kept flinching every time that hoop came near my face.  I’ve been smacked in the face with the hoop plenty of times, but I’m always a little wary when it comes to my glasses. 

For starters, when we were showed both rolls, hoops were flying EVERYWHERE and all over the studio.  Especially for me, it seemed like, but that’s ok.  After a few tries I did get that hoop to magically roll across my chest with both techniques and was able to catch at the end of the roll, too.  Woot!

Other stuff I learned?  I learned how to do the circus start.  I had never heard of that move before and it’s quite interesting.  I need to drill it and get it down.  Same with the chest rolls, of course.

I do plan on going to Studio Spin’s Open Hoop night on Sunday evening, so that will be a great time to practice both the rolls and circus start, along with other things.

Hooping is definitely how I roll. 🙂

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