Did you know that this past Saturday was National Dance Day?  I celebrated by going to pole class.  It’s really starting to come together for me there and I’m enjoying it! 

Sunday was Open Hoop at Studio Spin.  Yay!  I got to practice with the mirrors, and got to play around a lot.  It’s helpful to see what I’m doing.

One drawback with the mirrors is that I need to get past looking “stupid” and just go with what I’m doing.  I look at myself in the mirrors and think my appearance is bad, or I look awkward, etc.  I know that’s just me, but sometimes I feel that way.  I just need to commit to what I’m doing and keep on going.

Ah, and yesterday, Jenny and I got together to practice for next Tuesday, which is National Night Out.  National Night Out, though a crime prevention initiative, celebrates neighborhoods and communities as each one holds parades, cookouts, and block parties.  Jenny and I are going to be performing and encouraging hoopiness during a local block party.  We put together a quick routine together yesterday featuring hoop origami, which is really cool.  You’ll have to wait to see it next week if I get any photos.  It’s basically a partner routine where you make cool shapes with four hoops.  Hoop-a-gami!!

As a look ahead, the next hoop jam in Lancaster is August 16.  Mark your calendars!!

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