National Night Out 2014

It’s the first Tuesday in August, so today is National Night Out!!  Neighborhoods in your area will be hosting block parties and events in effort to build relationships between their residents and with law enforcement, as this is a crime prevention event. 

Many places are hosting covered dishes, family activities, and performers.  Jenny and I will be out at the block party in Lemon Street in Lancaster, PA, so come out and see us if you are in the area!  We’ll be spreading hoopiness and fun, and there will be a hoop-i-gami performance at some point during the party.  We’ll be there 6pm-8pm. 

This is a great event for you to get out and get to know neighbors and your local police force.  If you know people, you are more likely to help out and report a crime.  NNO also has a great crime prevention program for dog walkers, too.

Get out, have fun, and meet you neighbors!

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