Hoop-tastic Weekend, Part 3

I’d better wrap up these because another weekend is soon here!

Anyway, I just wanted to share some self portraits that I took with my hoop.  I’m going to use them in different pages around the site.  The last one, though, I have a funny story about.

Ok, ready for story time?

This was the last picture I took down in the grassy alcove down by the cabin.  The alcove is surrounded on woods on three sides.  The camera managed to capture my face the exact moment I heard some critter grunting and growling loudly in the woods.  ACK!  It probably was a deer, but there are lot of bears around there, too.  I grabbed my stuff and ran back to the cabin.  I was freaked out.  And that’s why I either hooped where there were windows that people could see me or not alone for the rest of the weekend. 

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