Class last night was fantastic.  It just was.  I’m still riding on the high I got from it, all from one exercise Katie had us do.

Earlier in the week, Katie linked Brett and I this video featuring the outstanding Shakti Sunfire.  Katie wants us exploring our space more.  In class, it seems we have fallen into the habit of staying in one place.  It’s time to break out of that, and we did.

Instead of our waist hooping conditioning, Katie had us circle the studio, moving to the music, turning, pushing and pulling the hoop, doing tricks, whatever.  Whenever we reached the mirrors, though, we had to pull of a trick to incorporate into our flow.  We did this for a fast song, a slow song, and a really fast song.  Besides being tons of fun, it was one of the best cardio workouts I’ve had in a long time.

Katie said Brett and I both did moves that she hadn’t seen us do before.  It’s funny when you just move and flow, what you can do.  It’s a great feeling.

Rachel, who was just finishing up some things after the pole class before us, said we looked like fairies during this exercise.  We were just dancing around having a good time with our hoops making our own magic. 

I want to do this again.  I want to go out in my backyard and whip that hoop around like a spazz and not care what the neighbors think. 

Other things we did?  Leg hooping!  Katie helped me realize that I’m letting the hoop drop too far down on my legs to properly shimmy it up back to my waist.  I am able to properly place that hoop on my legs a little better now and actually shimmy it!  Woot!  We also worked on placing the hoop from lasso on our legs and lifting it up off our legs.  I’ve got to work on that.

As I sit here, my legs are bouncing up and down.  I want to go out and dance with my hoop.  I want to explore my space.  I am MOTIVATED.

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