Hoop Making!

I didn’t get to any actual hooping this weekend, but I sure did make a lot of them!  I had a 100 ft. coil of 160 psi tube and a lot of pretty tapes that because hoops for different people and events.  The first, and the best one I felt I made, was for Joan, which I had the pleasure of giving her hoop to her on Saturday.

The dog?  That is Domino, Joan’s sister Ellen’s pooch, who was naturally curious about the round purple and blue taped circle on the floor. 

For the work event on the 13th, I made four hoops, one large and one smaller, to be bundles together and raffled.  Well, actually, there was one of each hoop in two bundles, so people can try different sizes and experiment with different ways to hoop.  I also included some hooping exercise facts and instructions on how to hula hoop in with the bundles, too, as you can in my photo in my nondescript office cubicle. 

I made other hoops, too.  I actually covered two in fabric, and will have photos of them later this week.  Those turned out REALLY cool, though I did make a minor mess with them using spray adhesive on them.  I will post photos of the other hoops, too.  Those will probably be extra hoops that I take to jams and for people to try out during the event.  

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