Ab Fab!

The sunglasses and lips really don’t have anything to with the post, but rather are my tribute to Patsy and Edina of the original Ab Fab. 

Still, what does a hilarious British sitcom have to do with hooping?  Ah, now we get to that part. 

Katie had us to do, not once, but twice, a really killer and fast ab workout.  It was a challenge, but not challenging in a way that it was exhausting.  I like exercises that are like that.  Still, I feel it a little bit in my core muscles today, and that’s a good thing.  Our abs are going to fabulous!

We worked on elbow hooping and passing the hoop from elbow to elbow.  I can elbow hoop ok, but don’t quite have the pass down yet.  That’s something I’m going to have to work on.

We also did our did another flow session, too, as Katie called out tricks that we had stop and do.  Yay!  Fun stuff!

Once again, a great class!  Definitely absolutely fabulous.

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