I’ve Got The Beat

Ever since I started hooping, if the music is loud and the beat is good, I want to grab a hoop and groove to it.  Do you know what I mean?  It doesn’t matter what the song is, really, but just as long as you can dance to it, I want to jump in and hoop.

Here’s what I mean.  I was with Joan in Atlantic City this past weekend, and a lot of the casinos and the other places on the boardwalk blast music.  I mean, there was everything to The Clash to The Killers playing.  I couldn’t help but to think in my head, “If only I had a hoop.”  Each time we went by different loudspeakers, I couldn’t help but imagining myself hooping to the music.  It was kind of a fun thing, really.  I guess, even more so than ever, I really have caught the hooping bug!  It’s fully ingrained into my being and I can’t get enough.  I definitely like this feeling.

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