Ghosting and Iso-Pops

Katie has a cold.  (Feel better, Katie!!)  Still, she taught us some cool techniques last night despite her feeling-crummy-ness.

The first technique?  Ghosting!  I had never really done ghosting before, but it’s basically tracing the hand that is not moving the hoop in the direction that the hoop is moving.  You hands then meet.  We learned ghosting with the regular weave, and a basic isolation.  It’s cool technique that looks really neat!

The other trick we learned was the ever-mysterious iso-pop.  My right arm is a little sore from learning this last night, but that’s ok.  Iso-pops are one of those WOW moves that takes a bit of practice to get the speed down for the WOW factor.  I think I have the basic movements down, though.  We’re going to work on iso-pops more next week.

In other news, I’m getting ready for the expo!  I found out pretty much what I’ll be doing.  I’d invite you all to it, but the event is only for employees where I work and their families.  Anyway, what I’ll be doing is encouraging people to try hooping, handing out stars to employees who talk to me so they can fill their star-card and get a prize, and handing out ponchos to everyone who participates in hooping.  I hope to get a lot of photos, too, especially of elected officials and department heads hula hooping.  Hehe.

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