I ache.

Thanks to two days in a row of vigorous hoop workouts, I can officially say that I ache.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Let’s start with Katie’s class on Wednesday.  After some serious ab workouts and cardio, we worked on iso-pops more and worked on incorporating said iso-pops into a flow sequence.  Cool!  I like it when we get to “connect the dots,” so to speak.  Meaning, I like it when we learn how to connect one trick with others.  
Katie keeps adding stuff to our flow around the room exercise.  Sometimes she’ll call out a trick we need to do, or an exercise.  She made us flow with heavier hoops on Wednesday.  That’s a workout itself!  She also interspersed it with crunches and squats.  Even more of a workout!
Ah, and last night, Jenny had a semi-private-ish class for me and Cindy, another great hooper.  Our main focus was leg hooping, which Cindy and I had both expressed interest in improving.  Before that, though, Jenny had us do some cool knee strengthening exercises and had us working the hoop up and down our torso.  My arms and abs are sore from doing said exercise.  Whew!
Back to leg hooping.  I did make some strides and improvement with my leg hooping.  That felt good!  Accomplishment!
Jenny had also asked us to think of a trick we were both working on and wanted help with.  Cindy chose the three beat chase weave with doubles.  I had to think for a moment, and came up with working on the back elbow pass.  Jenny worked with me on it, and I’m so close to getting it I can taste it.  From working on that trick, my arms and shoulders are a tad sore.
Needless to say, I really do ache, but I’m happy.  

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