Office Hoops

My coworker told me over a break that she saw hoops down in the local drugstore for 75 percent off.  This was dangerous information that had been put into the wrong hands, meaning, myself.

I went into my change purse and pulled out a few bucks and it to her.  She then went down later in the afternoon and picked out two pretty ones for me.

I have decided to keep them in the office.  I know they are kiddie hoops, but I can still noodle around with them on my breaks.  I sit so much, it will be nice to perhaps spin the hoop for a few minutes on my own time to get me off my butt.

I had the same enabling coworker take photos of me with my new hoops this morning, again, during our morning break.

Ever since the Wellness Expo last week, people have been calling me “Hula Hoop Girl” as I pass them in the halls.  I gladly accept this title and will continue to encourage it.  I’m sure having hoops in the office will only aid me in that.

I’m glad my coworker informed me about the cheapie kiddie hoops.  Kiddie hoops are better than no hoops!  

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