Off The Grid

Yup, I’m going off the grid for a week.  I’ll still be keeping and eye on things here, but I probably won’t be posting.  I will tell you a few things, though:  I will be hooping and there will be pictures.  Oh, and I have some really cool news to share when I get back, too.
Before I sign off for the week, I do have some things to share.
Class on Wednesday with Katie was fun!  We did a lot of work on our cores and focused on working on moves that each student wanted to improve.  For me, it was ghosting with the hand I’m not hooping with and learning how to do the two handed vortex.  I think I have the right idea on the new vortex moves, and can ghost decently doing the weave.
Oh, and I’m two days into’s Fall 30/30 Challenge.  Tonight, I will do the third day.  As for that pesky back elbow pass……I’ve been working on it and got it a few times!  I even managed to keep the hoop moving and pass it back around the front!  Yesssss!
Have a great week, and I will be back with tons of good stuff upon my return to cyberspace.  See you then!

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