Best of Luck, Katie!

Yesterday’s class had a sort of sad note to it;  it was Katie’s last day teaching at Studio Spin.

I want to thank Katie for her hard work and patient teaching she gave at Studio Spin.  I certainly learned a lot from her!

I will miss our pre-class chats and Katie’s great laugh.  I will also miss her enthusiastic affirmations when a student finally got a hooping move down for the first time.  You couldn’t help but to feel good.

Katie, I wish you the best in your future endeavors!  THANK YOU!  The next chapter in your life is going to be awesome!

Here’s a link to Katie’s jewelry website that you may like.  She makes really cool pendants out of bullet casings and does some neat wire work. 

Take heart, though, we have a new teacher at Studio Spin stepping up to the plate.  Her name is Ryane and she has been shadowing Katie for the past few weeks.  I am looking forward to learning from her and getting to know her, too.

Class last night was fun, on a positive note!  Katie basically held a comprehensive session where we could review any trick that she taught us.  She worked with me on some basic weave stalls and tosses.  I do the weave a lot in my flow, so this will add a little variety in my hooping.

We also had a new student in our class.  Amy, who is a friend from Jenny’s past classes and hoop jams, came by and I was happy to see her there.

Here’s to new chapters in hooping and life!

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