Weekend of Burlesque

I had a great weekend fill with burlesque fun that included some awesome hoopiness.  Let me tell you about it.

First, the Save The Tassels benefit on Friday was excellent.  So good!!!  All of the burlesque performers, pole dancers, acrobats, and hoopers did such a fantastic job.  It was a great show.  Even though the performers had to do a Boston-style show, which is an old term for having to have certain parts completely covered when performing a routine.  Still, the humor, wit, and sexiness in all the routines were performed in the true spirit of burlesque.  Thank you to all who put this event together, performed, and gave their support to breastcancer.org!

On Saturday, Jenny had a burlesque hooping workshop at Studio Spin.  I was there and learned a lot and expanded my burlesque knowledge from the workshops I took with Medianoche and Penny Starr.  Bunny Bedford, a local-ish burlesque performer, was there to give insight and she also learned to hoop, and loved it so much she was going to buy a hoop as soon as she could. 

Jenny taught us some of the basics that we can do with a hoop in a burlesque routine, and she also had a group choreography that we did at the end of the workshop.  Before we left, Jenny gave us a list of the music that she used.  I actually did download some of the tunes and worked out to them yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday, I got my daily hoop practice in, but I had to use a heavier hoop and focus on core hooping.  It was really windy outside!  I did a lot of work on marching in place, stepping side to side, and pointing my toes forward, to the side, and backwards while hooping.  I also did this in both currents.  Either way, it’s not as easy as it sounds, and it something that we do a lot in Jenny’s classes and I really need to practice.  So I did.

So, that’s the burlesque-ness of my weekend.  Fun stuff!

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