Birthday Hoopiness

Post by Acts of Jennius – Hoop Performance & Instruction.

I was so glad I went to hooping class on my birthday.  At the end of the hour, Jenny had a Happy Birthday Hoopla for me, complete with balloons, glow sticks, bubbles, and comb tiara for me.  She even gave me a little birthday “wand” made out of a glow stick and plastic cake stuck on top of it.  I waved it around wearing my tiara like, well, it was my birthday.  Jenny took the photos above, and I am in the one in the pink shirt.  I had a great time, and I want to thank Jenny and my fellow classmates for making me feel extra special last night!

As for class, we compounded on what we learned last week.  Jenny showed the experienced students how to experiment with spin and anti-spin, including doing the lift while spinning in the opposite direction of the hoop.  It’s a cool move!  We also did some sequence work using helicopter in vertical plane, including tosses.  The gym we have class in has wonderfully high ceilings. 

Just for fun, here’s a photo of me in my birthday glory and my wonderful Flyers-colored “Jenntober” ice cream cake.  Yay!

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