Yesterday, it was so hard to get in my daily hoop practice for the 30/30 I’m doing for  I am SO CLOSE to finishing, I managed to get my half hour in.

Here’s why my motivation is lacking right now.  First, ON MY BIRTHDAY, I had to go to the doctor for some lower back pain.  I’ve had back surgery in the past, but this pain was different from that. A doctor visit was necessary.  Luckily, my doctor knew what it was, and diagnosed me with sacroiliac joint pain, or SI joint pain in my right side.  A lot women get this apparently.  My doctor gave me some exercises and a muscle relaxer to help with the pain.

Here’s the motivation part.  I had to take that muscle relaxer yesterday.  My motivation to hoop zipped right out the window, but I still did it.  I didn’t do any waist hooping, but rather worked on isolations and hoop stretches to give my back a rest.  I’m feeling better today, thankfully, and should be ready to practice when I get home tonight. 

On the other hand, to keep motivated with hooping is a motivation NOT to take the muscle relaxer.  Funny how that works.  Still, if I’m hurting, I’m going to have to listen to my body and go from there.

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