Hooping Homework

It was just me and Ryane last night at Studio Spin for Intermediate Hoop.  It was a great chance for Ryane to review a few different moves with me. 

The main thing we worked on?  Iso pops.  Ryane patiently worked me and she got doing them MUCH smoother.  It was a great chance to fine tune a move.  I think I have it.  Her advice to me, and part of my homework, is to practice and break the move down if I confused, discombobulated, or whatever.

Ah!  That’s the thing!  Ryane gave me homework last night, and that’s a good thing!  That means I have something to work on during the week and goal to strive for.  Besides working on those iso pops, she asked me to write down a few move combinations that I come up and we will incorporate them into a dance-y hoop-y fun flow.  I can definitely get into that!

It was wonderful to work with Ryane one-on-one last night.  Still, people, you NEED TO COME TO HOOP CLASS.

See my hoop classes tab at the top of blog and take a look.  Beginner Hoop at Studio Spin is Mondays and Intermediate is Wednesdays.  Both classes run 8pm-9pm.  You will learn and have fun!  Don’t forget about Jenny Hill’s class linked on that page, too.

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