Getting in the Dance

Dancing with the hoop is something I need to get into more.  I just need to let go.

That’s what Ryane focused on in class last night.  We worked on moving with some combinations, such as moving while doing isolations, opening up while doing the weave, forwards and backwards.  I also learned to twirl the hoop on my hands, not just in front of me, but at different points around me.  I have to work on keeping that hoop in vertical plane better, but it will come with practice.

The end of the class was spent just flowing and free hooping.  Oh, and we worked on shoulder hooping while bent at at a 90 degree angle.  Not quite the booty bump, but close.  It’s a different movement.  Again, it’s something I’m going to have to practice.

But, the main focus of the class was to just dance with the hoop and how to incorporate tricks.  My hang up that I need to “let go,” as I said earlier.  I need to relax and just go with the flow like no one is watching. 

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