Fit and Flow

Last night’s class with Ryane kicked my butt.  I had pole dance class the night before, and I worked hard during that, too.  I am sore! 

Still, being fit with our hooping is important, and Ryane had us hoop with heavier hoops and with hand weights.  Those little three pound weights seem to weight more than three pounds the longer you hold them out from your body.  The burn will pay off with good upper body strength.

For the last fifteen minutes of class, Ryane had us just practice and flow with different moves.  The music playing had a great beat and it was easy to get into a rhythm of movement.  I just went with it and played.  What a great feeling!  It was just nice to twirl and dance with my hoop.  I even experimented with connected different things together and came up with some neat little twists and moves that I need to remember some how.  I think I’m starting to develop my own hoop style. Sweet!

Moves I learned yesterday?  I think I finally have the reverse weave down.  Now to learn the reverse chase weave.  And, Ryane showed me how to spin with a hoop in each hand in reverse time, meaning one hoop goes forward, and the other goes backward.  Now, THAT’S cool to look at.

So, that’s my hoopy adventures for this week’s class.  Don’t forget about my poll! 

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