Christmas Hoop Jam!

Something told me to take hoops along to my mom’s house for Christmas.  I’m very glad I did!

I have quite a large family with a lot of active kids.   My cousin has four, and they are quite a lot of fun.  I thought it might be fun for the kids and I to go outside after dinner and play with the hoops.

Little did I know, Vanessa, the girl in the pink sweatsuit and cute hat, got a hula hoop for Christmas!  Vanessa, I believe, is nine.  What I do know is that she’s extremely active.  And now I know she’s pretty awesome at waist hooping!

I went out back and played around in the yard.  Vanessa came out and joined me.  We had hoop races, and rolled the hoop back and forth to each other, and I tried to teach her to “walk the dog.”  At one point, our cousin Hayley came out, as did Vanessa’s sister Alexis and stepmom Nicole. 

Nicole is in the red shirt, and we got to talking about hooping, and how it can be great exercise.  She said she can totally see waist hooping with some music for a few minutes.  After hearing that, I gave her one of my adult hoops that I never use.  Nicole was quite excited about that.  If I’m not using a hoop I haven’t bonded with, I’m glad to find someone who can use it. 

That was my hoopy Christmas.  I’m glad to spread a little hoopy joy around the family.  I will have to remember to bring my hoops again to the next family holiday gathering.

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